Monday, Matt Corby


Oh my goodness, it was so refreshing shooting a new face and getting to discover characteristics that I haven’t captured before.

Anna misplaced her apartment (which, by the way, is a seriously awesome place) keys in a parking lot she filmed at the night before, which set us back thirty minutes but it actually was fine. I still had a good amount of light that I needed.

Earlier that week I found a little flower hill outside of the arboretum, and I attempted to do pictures of myself but I couldn’t get the right angle, so I openly asked for someone to model for me and Anna volunteered. Eternally grateful. This is one of my most favorite shoots. I was squealing after almost every shot. She’s super beautiful and looks so cute when she laughs. It’s very rare to look cute while laughing. I look like a seal with a double chin.

We discussed concert photography, cooking shows, apartment life, writing, poses, and general exchanges of laughter. It was exhilarating to have a new subject and a new person to learn. I hope to shoot in her room soon; it looks like an Urban Outfitters studio with natural light streaming in. Everyone should know that Anna is a superior first time model.


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