Bekah Steals My Clothes and Looks Better in Them


These were Bekah’s favorites, and I haven’t gotten around to my favorites yet. She borrowed everything she’s wearing, haha. Urban Outfitters skirt and top, and Forever 21 boots.

We went to Chili’s after as a lil friend date since we haven’t seen each other in two weeks. That’s the worst part, because I’m always working and she has sorority things to attend. We got the two for twenty deal, her with margarita chicken and me with a bacon burger. Our appetizer was cheese fries but it didn’t even come out until after our entrees arrived because the kitchen was cleaning the grill that had the fries. So, okay? Random but whatever. Then Bekah had enough points for a free dessert so we got molten chocolate cake, and that came out five minutes after the cheese fries. I had just taken a bite of my burger when it came, and it had ice cream, so I ignored the burger and finished off the cake. By then I was so full I couldn’t bother eating anything else, so I took the burger home and it’s not as good as it could’ve been if I had just finished it at the restaurant.


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