6/27/15 Old Before Your Time, Ray LaMontagne

My mom, aunt, and I went shopping at NorthPark in Dallas, which is one of my favorite shopping areas but it’s so time consuming/frustrating to get to. It’s about an hour from Mansfield, and the highway can get pretty bad at certain times of the day. But the shops are elevated and fit my style, like Lush, Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Madewell. I have expensive taste. By the way, Lush’s face masks are amazing and worth the price. Catastrophic Catastrophe is a blueberry mask that feels like smooth clay when you put it on, and it hardens as the time dribbles by. It makes my skin super pale after, but it really cleans up the trouble spots on my chin and cheeks. I liked Cupcake but it’s messy when you have to rinse. I’ve tried just about every mask they have (minus the garlic one- I don’t think I can deal with the smell) and I try to stock up whenever I have the chance.


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