Favorites of 2012

Ah 2012. The year everyone thought we would die because someone didn’t finish the calendar.

That was a hard year in general, regardless of a death prophecy. But nonetheless, it was three years ago.

The cover photo was shot through a tv. Back then I got a little creative in my room and somehow positioned the camera so that it shoots in the tv and the screen reflected my image. I’ve done several of these, but this one is my favorite of them. This was also when I didn’t have a tripod or remote, so I’d spend hours frustratingly setting my camera on a ten second timer and scurrying to be in the frame, and most of the time it came out blurry because I didn’t have it focused on anything until I jumped in. It wasn’t until I think 2013 that I got the stuff to do full length and such. Much of my portfolio then was just faces, and luckily I didn’t encounter acne too much, so editing was easy. Last year I went too heavy-handed on the airbrushing, and it’s pretty obvious in my opinion.


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