Mutineers, David Gray

Oh. My. God.

I met David Gray. I met my idol for creativity. We semi hugged super close. I waited 30 minutes outside the back door, frozen stiff in heels at the anticipation of seeing him. I hardly said a word to him which was so irritating on my end because I wanted to tell him how much he means to me. All I remember is him saying “confidence” when I tried to say something. Gah, next time?

Shout out to the lighting crew of this show and any lighting workers in general. It was absolute magic. I hope to shoot on a stage some day, and my friend’s dad works as a lighting technician so he might be able to get us in for a session.

But to be honest, I was a little disappointed in the setlist. Of course, everything he sings is genius, but he played the stereotypical crowd pleasers. I wish he’d have played the lesser known/appreciated songs, like from his Life in Slow Motion and A New Day at Midnight albums (See the Sea and Freedom in particular). I actually knew from a certain guitar which song he’d play, and I kept edging toward predicting an old favorite, but it never came on.

So in order, here are the tracks he slayed with perfection:

Birds of the High Arctic

Back in the World

My Oh My




The One I love


Nightblindness (ahhh)

??? (a song that’s old or new, but I couldn’t recognize it, which is weird since I know a good majority of his stuff)

Sail Away

Please Forgive Me

This Year’s Love (dream wedding song)


Also the concert felt incredibly short, like he missed a couple of songs, but maybe because I was taking pictures and felt a little distracted by trying not to get caught by security. This show was powerful, but not in the same way as my first or second time. I’m not growing old of him, trust me. I just walked out in an entirely different mindset. Perhaps it’s because he didn’t play Nemesis, which is my all time favorite song, but Alibi and Nightblindness were phenomenal replacements. Or because I launch high expectations in the air with stupid daydreams of a former crush dancing with me along to the music like all of the other drunk couples. I need to stop being a sappy tree.


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