May 2014 RIP long hair

After six years, I cut off about ten inches of my hair. I’ll admit, I did it for attention. Most girls cut their hair at the beginning of senior year, but I knew I wouldn’t dare go to prom with short hair (I always imagined every major event I go through will have long hair in the picture). When I was a freshman, I told myself that by senior year, I would be fearless and do something huge. Being an editor of the yearbook, I kind of failed myself in the fearless aspect. I’d have kids run out to get quotes for me, and I scribbled out the story. I didn’t interact as much as I should’ve.

Then I cut my hair, and I felt unchained in a bad way. I stereotypically hid behind my hair- it was a source of compliments and envy. No one wants short strands. It’s easy to have a short haircut. Long hair is something you have to work toward, and it took quite a while to get there. I regretted the cut when I went to college, because I felt cuter beforehand. Oh well.


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