6/19/15 Afraid, Vanessa Hudgens

Frederick texted me if I was busy for the night and I said no, and we went to the art block party in Dallas. It was miserably hot but so much fun! I actually enjoy going into museums not for the art itself, but for the overwhelming sensation of seeing something that strikes me for the first time. Several paintings take my breath away, like the spray paint picture above. I appreciate artists so much.

After the big museum, we went through a Chinese exhibit down the block and found the origami hall. Every place we went to was mega crowded, so I want to go back to the hall and do a proper shoot without random people poking in the background. Then we browsed through another museum across the street that was full of sculptures, but again, it was busy. The backyard had strings of lights that are my absolute favorite, so naturally I drew to them like a moth to a lamp.

We wanted to get something from a food truck, but gosh dang. Too many people. So we went to Twisted Root a few miles away and the turkey burger isn’t bad, it just tastes like breakfast sausage instead. Then we perused in the flagship store of Half Price Books and bought some neato stuff for cheap.

Frederick and I have plans to actually shoot on Monday, and I can’t wait!


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