5/3/15 Nemesis, David Gray

It’s David Gray’s birthday! I love this man more than life itself. His music is my oxygen. Actually, no, it takes my breath away so that’s counterproductive. I have a special connection to him. It’s a lame story, though.

Seventh grade. Madly in love with popular boy. We had advisory together and sat at the same table in a computer lab. A couple days earlier, we had talked through the youtube messaging (omg triple lame, this was 2009 sooo) and I kind of poked through his favorite videos and came across This Year’s Love. I asked him about it, we discussed the music, I fell asleep happy that he even talked to me.

April 15. A Wednesday. I have incredible memory. We were getting NJHS announcements, and that was the only year I managed a 93 average. The others I held a 3.7 GPA, which ain’t good enough for the NHS crew. Anyway, I was writing something when all of a sudden I hear From Here You Can Almost See the Sea play. I had deemed that as my favorite and I told him about it. I looked up and his computer screen displays the album cover, and I didn’t imagine it. Then I heard his voice. He was actually singing. To me. It was honestly the best day of the now fourteen years of living here.

March 14, 2010. A Sunday. David had a concert in Austin, and I begged my dad to let me go. Obviously I went. He played FHYCASTS! So I’ve always seen that as our song, and a huge metaphor for how I feel about him. It’s mushy, sappy stuff that I won’t delve into.

In 20 days I’ll see David again for the third time, in Grand Prairie. I went to a concert in Denver last year with my older brother, and he just keeps getting more magical and inspiring within the music. My all time favorite is Nemesis; the most special is FHYCASTS; and the best song of his live is Freedom at the Hammersmith Apollo in 2006. Please check him out, because his music is the most brilliant thing ever. Bonus points if you genuinely like him and have a conversation with me about his music!


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