4/21/15 One Day, Kodaline

I was crazy sick during this time (in my opinion being crazy sick means coughing a lot and a runny nose, because I really don’t get sick ever). While being sick was an annoyance for the two weeks I had to blow my nose raw and spit in a cup, my roommate’s sickness was 38575829575 times worse.

She coughed for THREE MONTHS. She refused to take medicine. “I don’t like the taste,” she says. THE WHOLE FLOOR CAN HEAR YOU COUGHING LIKE A BABY. It would happen every six minutes, that loud sharp noise. She barely left the room. I don’t get why you want to stay sick and avoid medicine. I hate being sick. I hate it when others are sick. It’s a natural thing, I know, but gosh dang it, take the fhgutb medicine.


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