4/11/15 Drawing Board, George Ezra

This shoot was a few days after I discovered George Ezra. I pulled all of his songs in a playlist and aimlessly drove around Nac, found some neato places. A church had a cool backyard, a soccer field by the highway, and there was a shamble of bricks on the side of a road (first shot). Not a shamble, but it wasn’t a fully constructed building.

1. Spectacular Rival

2. Coat of Armour

3. Barcelona (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Upm4Nynm6AA this version specifically)

4. Cassy O

5. Da Vinci Riot Police

6. Leaving it Up to You

7. Song 6

8. Drawing Board

9. Blame it on Me

10. Let it Snow cover (lololololol I hate Christmas music but this cover is amazing)

All of his songs are fantastic, but these are my top favorites. It’s his 22nd birthday tomorrow!


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