Grow Til Tall, Jonsi

Finally had time to shoot outside of my backyard. I’m the type of person to put on boots and trudge through mud and disgusting bugs to get a shot (the last two, for example, I went to a church and traipsed in the land and it was sloshy one foot in). The green dress I went to the golf course, and I underestimated the landscape. I had been to it, but the front half of it, which was less scenic. By the time I got there the sun was sinking fast, so I didn’t have too much time to do what I want, and some angles I just have to do it on someone else rather than me.

And another reason why I didn’t use the golf course until now: a bunch of people carted by and were staring. I don’t even like it when my family watches me take pictures, so I’ll just fiddle with the camera until they leave. A family sat themselves at a hole for ten minutes and I was waiting for them to leave so they wouldn’t watch, but gosh dang. They didn’t even play golf. Just sat there.

So yeah, I’ll go back, but probably with a client or a friend rather than alone. I know of a lot of cool frames and poses that I want to try out.


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