10/5/14 Cough Syrup, Young the Giant

This was my very first shoot with the 1.4 G prime lens! I had it shipped to my mom’s house because Amazon had a weird shipping policy with my school, and Chase was like “oh wow, you’re spending a lot of money, let’s cancel that order” and so I had to use my mom’s card to get the dang lens. She came to Nac the weekend the lens arrived and as soon as she left I had a little adventure in the arboretum that was a five minute walk from my dorm. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the clarity was way sharper than my broken 200mm (the tripod fell over and while it didn’t shatter, something inside the barrel messed up). The only thing I didn’t like and didn’t realize was that it was fixed. It couldn’t zoom, it’s stuck at 50mm. So essentially this is only good for close-ups, but I didn’t mind since I basically only did that anyway.

The last shot I put a thin pink scarf on the edge of my lens hood to get that haze. I’ve done that a couple of times, playing with shading and such. There’s an episode of America’s Next Top Model that used a bunch of crocheted items to create a cool shadow. I’ve been trying to find things to use and it’s an idea worth trying again.


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