Ebow, Sigur Ros

Artist in her natural habitat

Artist in her natural habitat


Erin has been working with me since I got my first legit camera. We became friends in a journalism class my freshman year (she’s a grade ahead of me) and then we had chemistry together the next year for a semester. Our very first shoot sparked us to become a team, even though I was still learning how to manage the camera. We click really well together, and she knows interesting poses while I know interesting angles. I might post past pictures of her eventually.

Today we went to the Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth and got a student discount for $4 instead of $10- it pays to be a college student! Not really, but we saved six dollars each. Erin went to KCAI in Kansas City, Missouri and studied art and writing, so she knew a lot of stuff in the place. She told me about all the mediums and canvases on the first floor, which were more paintings and sculptures, and I told her about long exposure and lighting on the second floor. We even saw the cover for Sigur Ros’s album Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust! My personal favorite album is ( ) and Valtari, so check that out if ya want.

Obviously I had to get some pictures of myself while I was there. It makes me uncomfortable for other people to take my picture, and you can tell in my face because I don’t do the same facial expressions as when I’m alone. But it’s Eringans, so I didn’t mind as much.


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