12/12/14 Barcelona, George Ezra

To put photography tidbits aside (and a bookmark to my likes and dislikes of 2015), I’m going to spout off 12 miniscule details about myself.

1. British people are my obsession. I like more British musicians than Americans, and well, I was born in Murica. I’m crossing my fingers that I am able to study abroad in London summer 2016, hopefully my tuition waiver people can pay for it/I get accepted into the program in the first place. Imagine the pictures there!

2. My friends get onto me for using so much chapstick. I freak out if I misplace a tube or forget it back in my room and I know I’ll be out for a while. I usually have one in every bag, but sometimes they disappear, naturally. It’s like when girls lose bobby pins and hair ties. So if for some mysterious reason you ever want to give me a gift, medicated chapstick is the best choice (and ONLY medicated- it’s a light blue tube with a twisted pogo stick with wings).

3. Urban Outfitters fill up half my wardrobe. Of course, whatever I buy from there is on sale, they’re so gosh darn expensive these days. I’m really good at snagging deals through the clearance rack, and I often go thrifting. I never buy full-priced items unless I know my size will run out. Also, I own too many striped shirts.

4. Scarves also take up space. Every color is strewn about in my closet, and patterns in plaid and watercolors are used in the winter. To quote Kurt from Glee, “Blaine and I love football. Well, Blaine loves football. I love scarves.”

5. When I can’t fall asleep, because I think of literally every single thing in the world as I close my eyes and how different my day would’ve gone if this happened or if I ate this instead of that, I usually tackle a word search or some type of word problem online.

6. Existentialism scares me, but I believe in it. Life in general scares me.

7. I’m a very bizarre conversationalist. Family dinners are never the same every night. My sense of humor can’t match anyone else’s. I’m hard of hearing and I tend to catch things about a beat later, which results in things that I unknowingly repeated.

8. Based on my mood, I have three different Starbucks order. Cinnamon dolce latte, hot, when I’m sad; Valencia orange when I don’t want coffee, which is a lot of the time; and coffee frappuchino with cinnamon sprinkled in when I want something sweet but I also want to avoid the superspiked price and calories.

9. George Ezra’s “Barcelona” has been playing for probably the 46th time since writing this post. The live version, of course.

10. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I wear socks and then I step in a puddle. Or I’m walking through wet grass. Anything that gets my legs wet other than a shower is so gross.

11. For some strange reason, I’ve become attached to cooking shows. I cannot cook. I messed up a boxed mix of brownies by adding too much oil. I made fettuchini eggfredo since I didn’t separate the egg whites. I attempted several dinners and it never gets finished.

12. My best friend writes lists all the time, and that seeped into a habit of mine. Before I leave for a trip I write down all my outfits; when I have things to do during a school week I categorize it; I ink photo ideas in a Hunger Games journal (lol, I am a hardcore fan of the books but not the movies).


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