2/21/15 Over the Love, Florence and the Machine

Two lil subjects I want to touch on.

At this time, I had a 14 paged story to turn in to my intermediate fiction class. I guess I can write short stories, but poetry is my stronger suit. This was based on a relationship set in Paris, between a British man and a French woman. The whole class reads it, workshop and critique it, and then I had to edit and turn in a final copy at the end of the semester. We also had to radically revise one of two stories we wrote, so I chose this one and made it the woman’s point of view fifteen years later.

The message was that the woman was scared of the lack of commitment on the other end. The man would never let go of commitment. They trusted each other, but she was a mile behind than he was. I’m basically the woman, which explains why I haven’t even had a boyfriend or any aspect of romance yet. I don’t trust relationships at all.

Which brings me to the next subject.

My suitemate had a “friend” in her sorority that we played nice to. She’s a controlling person around her boyfriend, who is younger than her by a year. She commands him to attend our school even though he doesn’t want to. She demands James Avery rings, which they are ugly in my opinion, and doesn’t say thank you when he does something nice for her. They’ve only dated for ten months then. Right now they’re impossibly engaged!  For the dumbest reason!

She wants to marry so soon so that she can live off campus in an apartment that she most likely can’t afford, given arguments on financial situations with the sorority.

Maybe I’m a diehard romantic and traditionalist, but marriage is so sacred to me. I’m not wholly religious, but I believe marriage should only happen once. It’s so hard to keep someone interested in you for so long. I hate that promises are broken so very easily, especially the ones that people promised me. Lots of friends have left me. So that’s why I don’t encourage relationships; I let them come to me. Once I’m in, I’m in. I can’t let go.


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