3/22/15 Daydream Believer, Glee cover


I was coming back from Austin at the end of spring break. I spent half the week with my sister and her friends. We went to a gay bar/nightclub (aren’t they basically the same thing?) and got danced on by one of the queeeens, ate some fantastic food, attended some SXSW concerts, and shopped at Urban Outfitters- skirt and red shirt were my most recent pickups- and other cool stores.

Glee also ended its series that week. It was a horrible show toward the end, but I don’t believe the loss of Cory Monteith was the sole reason for that. The writers either got lazy or smoked too much to have a clear mind about their scripts. I only watched for Klaine, played by Chris Colfer and Darren Criss. Their relationship, besides being obviously the cutest couple on television and hot makeouts, mirrored one of my own with someone. Season 4 was a tough time and I noticed a lot of parallels. I still feel like I’m stuck in that season regarding where we are, but we have made the slightest amount of progress. Kurt and Blaine were my inspiration for a lot of things for the five years that they were together on the show, and I’ve written several pieces on how their relationship almost defines how I make mine.


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