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Seniors are $150 and this includes two shoots, a normal session of clothes that fit your personality, and then a cap and gown shoot once the graduation creeps closer.
Families and maternity are $100. Engagements and weddings (though I prefer only engagement shoots- weddings are a huge deal and I don’t feel entirely comfortable with them yet) are $150 for the engagement, and $250 for the wedding.
I typically shoot for about an hour or two, because I don’t believe in thirty minute sessions for big bucks. Sometimes the perfect image doesn’t come until three minutes before I decide the shoot is done. You will get a CD and flash drive of all edited images. If the weather is ugly and we agreed on a certain date, I will be happy to reschedule. No photographer ever wants to try to shoot during awful weather, and most of the time I will be the one to ask for a better day.
Contact me at for more details and/or to schedule a date!


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