Emily Townsend



For the past nine years, I dabbled in photography and did not get into it seriously until I got a Nikon D3200 for my seventeenth birthday. I now shoot with a Nikon D750, which is mega heavy but well worth the price. Through the kit lens to a prime 50mm 1.4 G lens, my style is mostly captured in front of nature or in my room by the window or on a street somewhere. I would love to expand into fashion editorials, surrealism, golden lighting shots as I grow older and get better equipment and amazing locations. I primarily shoot self-portraits and seniors, and I’ve done a couple of weddings, maternity, family and engagement shoots. I even did a boudoir set once, which is surprising to me that I even accepted to do it!
My main goal is to freeze time and provide a sense of nostalgia when you look back at it. My second biggest fear, becoming blind is the first, is forgetting. Forgetting memories, forgetting faces, forgetting who I was once. With one frame, I can remember what I was going through at that time. I can see what was in style based on my clothes or how miserable the summer season was (anyone remember that streak of over 100 degrees for 70 days straight in the DFW area?). If you forget what has happened, then it’s like you never lived. That’s terrifying to me.
Quietly Loud reminds me of a lesser-known talent. Athletes get cheered on, singers and actors get applauded, but photography is not something that you can just watch and be blown away by it. It’s the product that comes out of it that makes people really interested. I look back at my old stuff and I can’t believe I actually took those pictures. I’m constantly growing and improving, the same way the subject of the picture is. It’s a win-win for the person behind the camera and in front of. My vision of what I want is never what I post, because I need a whole new camera and more powerful lens, but no one can make progress if they don’t try. I would love to make my hobby into a profession someday and work towards recognition in the photography world.
I hope you enjoy my photographs!
Emily Townsend