2/3/15 All I Want, Kodaline

Quick ironic story.

There was a guy in my Brit lit class, and I was surprised when he actually talked to ME first. No one ever really approaches me for a conversation. I was sitting with a friend from a class the previous semester and he switched seats to sit closer to us. We wound up having nice conversations for the fifteen minutes before the dreaded professor arrived. I thought it was going swell, since I literally don’t talk to guys unless they’re related to me or they don’t intimidate me.

A week later he told my friend and I that he was engaged. WHAT! I was soooo disappointed. Here was a guy that held eye contact with me longer than I could, he was an English major like me, he laughed at my dumb jokes, his smile just brightened up the room, and he was engaged. What a broken chance.

Nonetheless, the engagement was called off, but then he dropped another bomb: he’s transferring to Alabama next fall. I’ve got so much love to give and no one wants it. Or if they do, I turn a blind eye.

I’m just saving it for when I’m in a place I actually want to be.


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